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On the Road Again

Last night was our last night at the hotel; we had a little breakfast and got picked up around 9am by Rodney (the VETA IT teacher and the same guy who drove us to Mikumi National Park). I was all set to leave when Rodney told us we were headed to VETA instead of hitting the road right away, because he had to pick something up. We got to the school and headed for the computer lab where I e-mailed and facebooked my friends and family to let them know that this would be my last time communicating with them until I get home on Tuesday. After about a half hour and more goodbyes, Rodney was ready to go. It was harder to say goodbye this morning compared to last night but it was still nice to see everyone one last time.

This road trip was a lot of fun and was a nice change of scenery for me. I got to sit up front with Rodney which meant I got to make sure that he didn’t blast anymore Shania Twain or Celine Dion with the bass cranked. I was also really thankful that we had done a quick grocery run yesterday considering that we didn’t stop once for food or anything else besides gas. I did try to subtle tell Rodney that I could go for lunch but I think something got lost in the translation; he just started talking about how he wanted to have ugali and that he was hungry, but I think he meant it more as a statement than anything else.

There wasn’t anything too interesting to really mention, the only thing that stood out was the insane traffic once we hit Dar es Salaam. We were switching lanes every couple of minutes to gain inches and almost cut off an ambulance since we were sideways and blocking two lanes. Luckily the car keeping us from merging moved ahead a bit and we squeezed in. We were in rush hour for a while and then went a bit off road. Rodney told us that we were actually going to meet his parents before taking us to the New Africa Hotel, so we went along with it. There wasn’t much of a point in meeting them besides saying a quick hello and taking a few pictures, but it was still nice to see a more intimate home setting.

We got a call from Anthony letting us know that the ferry bureau closed at 6pm and that we had better get a move on if we wanted to get to Zanzibar. We made it to the hotel with seconds to spare, got checked in, through our bags in the rooms and ran back down. Anthony was already downstairs waiting for us, and through sheer luck he knew the cruise company and asked them to stay open for us since it was nearing 6:30pm. We were running across the street when Anthony told us what the costs were so we had to make a quick bank detour and then fast walked as quickly as we could without getting hit by oncoming traffic or talkative pedestrians. We bought our tickets which are priced according to locality, so we had to buy the more expensive tickets; but they were worth it!

I can’t even attempt to begin explaining how epic it was to sit down, take a deep breath and then make my way upstairs for dinner. I was so tired, I had a wicked headache and I could sleep for a month; but the food I ate that night was a hundred percent worthwhile. It was a Thai restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel which overlooks the harbour. The atmosphere was very lively, they had karaoke and dancing and the restaurant off to the side. There was also a big football (soccer) match on and everyone was up there watching it and cheering them on. I picked what I wanted to eat and drink in about a millisecond and could not wait! I ordered a green vegetarian curry with steamed rice and spring rolls; A-MA-ZING! I’d recommend this restaurant to anybody traveling out that way, it was so good.

The only part of this whole experience that was a tad unfortunate was that my harbour view room was right underneath the dance floor and that wasn’t about to help my headache. On a positive note though I was so excited to wake up at 5am to grab the ferry over to Stone Town at 6:30pm that I didn’t care.

*Sneak peek of the harbour while we were taking off*

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Part II: The Fundraiser!

The time finally came to head out to Dessert Palm after getting ready for our big event. We took a taxi over around 6:30pm and to our surprise everything was already mostly set up! It was really awesome to see everyone so eager and excited to get started. Sarah and I manned the donation table, which was just off to the side of the courtyard. The set up was fairly simple there were tables in the back for the guests, the slideshow projection and our table up front and the stereo was set up on the other side for music. Lucas informed us that the MC we wanted wasn’t going to be able to make it so he graciously took over the role; which was fine by us since he is very charismatic and knew 90% of the people there.

There was only one very obvious and frustrating issue… the power was out!  There was some kind of work being done on some of the nearby power stations and the electricity wasn’t scheduled to come back on until about 7:30pm or 8pm. Being prepared and educated Event Managers, we came up with a plan to “set the mood” and have one of the guys buy candles so that we could have some light. Once we got the candles we realized that there were no candle holders, but we found a way to keep them upright by putting them in empty beer and pop bottles. Since the projector wasn’t working just yet, I opened the slideshow on my laptop, opened ITunes and let them play at the donation table. We also encouraged Lucas to talk to everyone to inform them of the night’s activities. We also got in touch with the hotel manager to try and get them to start the generator for us so that we could have some more lighting since it was pitch black out. In light of everything this could have been a big issue but using some critical thinking we made it work.

The power came back on eventually and we didn’t end up using the generator but we were still thankful that we had a plan B in place anyway. Everything got set up and finalized in about 30 seconds and then Lucas took over as our MC. We had set things up as a casual bar night for the community but I really don’t think that this concept translated at all to our committee or the attendees. Lucas had everyone introduce themselves, which was about 30-40 people taking a good hour to state their names, occupations and other tid bits about their lives. But once all of the introductions had finished, the donations started to come in. Again, most people wanted to do a little presentation of what they were donating, why it was important and how they got involved. It was great to see all of the enthusiasm but I wasn’t expecting all the formality and presentations!

One of the most moving donations was given by a director of three local schools in the community. He donated 100,000Tsh from each of his schools (300,000Tsh in total) and offered 10 free spots for admission to his schools. This was my favorite donation because it represents so much to me. First and foremost, it directly affects the educational benefit for the children at the orphanage and will give them encouragement to seek higher education. This gesture also was a perfect demonstration of a win/win situation, where I finally saw all of the committee members have their moment of clarity and understanding. It taught them that this amazing act not only benefits the children, but also the director since this will be mentioned in the media, word of mouth and through the children. The kids who end up filling those 10 spots will become ambassadors of those schools with the positivity and support that they have received. They will also likely spend money at these schools, convince their friends to attend these schools and will always carry a positive response to these schools.

The other donations that were made were not all monetary, but they were just as important and just as needed by the orphanage. Individuals and groups donated bags of clothes, flour, sugar, soap, laundry detergent and other helpful items. This was a big surprise for us because when we first started advertising that people could bring material things as well as monetary we were told that people don’t really do that and that it’s a new concept that a lot of people may not understand. I like that this wasn’t the case and that the material goods were plentiful. One of my favorite stories about these donations was from one of the VETA teacher’s. He had gone home one day and explained the orphanages situation to his son, and what the fundraiser was meant to do for them. The son immediately ran around his room with an old backpack and collected clothes that he no longer wore or out grew. He then gave the back pack to his dad to bring to the fundraiser. If anything gave me hope for the future of fundraisers and neighbourly compassion in Dodoma that was it!

Games are a fan favorite here in Tanzania and Lucas has suggested that we play a game called “Do or Pay”. Basically, people write out funny and odd things for others to do, and if your name gets called and you can’t do what is asked then you have to pay 2,000Tsh. People responded really well to it and it was a lot like playing a party game with all your friends and family. It was a really nice game to have been a part of. Other than that, people could pay to have their picture taken with Miss Dodoma or could pay to dance with her. It was a lot of fun to watch everyone hesitantly come up, discreetly pay and run up to see her.

After the games and the donations people just started to quickly trickle out around 10pm or so which gave us some time to have a debriefing meeting afterwards. The guys ordered some drinks and a bit of food to munch on and then we got down to business. Anthony, Sarah and I went into the hotel to count up the donations, triple checked the number and signed off on it. When we got back to the table we made a quick drum roll and revealed that we had raised over 500,000Tsh in cash donations tonight and over 800,000Tsh in promised donations that will be collected next week. This is such a great accomplishment in that this is the first fundraiser event that has ever taken place in Dodoma and even though no one here knew what to expect, everything turned out better than expected. Our discussion quickly moved to having the teachers create a long term plan to have this event annually which they can now grow off of this experience. It’s amazing to see how much they’ve learned just by watching Sarah and I put this together in an organized and paced fashion. I’m very proud of what we accomplished and I’m still so moved as to how this all came together for the House of Hope.

The teachers had already put a game plan in place to bring all of the donations to the orphanage on Monday; unfortunately we won’t be here to celebrate and deliver the goods but we will be there in spirit! We were also sad to have to say good bye to everyone since we wouldn’t have much time tomorrow morning. We gave out lots of hugs and fist pumps and hopefully they’ll all stay in touch over facebook and e-mail.

Looking forward to opening a new chapter in this adventure! We’re off to Dar es Salaam tomorrow and then traveling to Stone Town, Zanzibar early Saturday morning!

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Part I: The Beginning of the Last Day

It’s weird to think that this is our last day here in Dodoma. It feels like it went by super slowly and extremely fast all at the same time. This morning we went into town to pick up snacks and things for our 8 hour car ride tomorrow (more cookies and pringles of course!). After a little bit we decided to go to the Free Point restaurant for the last time and split a really good pizza between us while we waited to get picked up. Anthony and Bertram came to pick us up the minute we took our last bites.

I was about to jump in the car when I realized that there was already two girls in the back of it. I asked Anthony who his friends were and it turned out to be the newly appointed Miss Dodoma and her sister. They wanted to be involved in the fundraiser and were coming with us to the radio station to help promote the event.  It was nice of her to have come out to support us since it generated a lot of attention on the radio. It was also a bitter sweet moment since this was our last radio broadcast since the fundraiser is tonight!

The guys have a bad tendency to not update us on event related changes. They let us know that they were already at the hotel in the morning and that the set-up had to change because of differing opinions. I was a little upset that we weren’t invited to make that decision with them in the morning but we ended up convincing them that we had to see the new set up for ourselves. We all headed over to Dessert Palm to evaluate what had been done; the set up was basically exactly the same just on the left hand side of the hotel instead of the right. The new location still works for us since the hotel is offering waited service because the bar and grill are located pretty far away from the event.

After our site visited we made our way back to VETA to sit down and have a late lunch with the teachers. We gave them our thank you presents which were mugs decorated with Canadian maple leafs, and they were filled to the rim with candy. I always love seeing their expressions with gifts like this since candy always seems to be a prize winner with them. (They loved it!)

Anthony was giving us a ride back to the hotel but had to go and do something first, so we waited for him at registration. While we were just waiting there, a sweaty white man came up to me and asked if I spoke English. I told him that I did and he handed me his camera and asked me to take a picture of him and his friends just outside. That wasn’t a problem for me; I love it when people do that for me so I didn’t hesitate. After I took their picture I asked them where they were from and what they were up to (and you have to take into consideration that these are the first Caucasian people we’ve seen in a while). There were only 6 of them and they told me that some of them were from Holland and some of them were from Belgium. They had just come from a four day bike trip from Arusha, were taking a break in Dodoma and were going to head back North afterwards. That’s an insane trek considering how bad the road conditions are in terms of the roads, traffic and other obstacles. We chatted for a little bit and then Anthony came and picked us up so that we could go back to the hotel to get ready for tonight!

~To be continued!!!~

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I know this game!

We had an early morning appointment at the radio station with Anthony to keep promoting the fundraiser. We still couldn’t understand most of what was happening since everything was in Swahili but every once in a while Anthony would fill us in. There were people calling in to ask questions and one of them was really interesting. They wanted to donate money but couldn’t make it out; so they asked if there was a number that they could use to donate money digitally. There is a system set up, a lot like online banking where they can send money over their phones but without a data plan. I’m still not a hundred percent sure how it works exactly, but it’s pretty cool that they have that technology available to them in such a remote community.

After the radio broadcast, we went back to the hotel to finish some of our outstanding work. Since we had all of our rough work made out for us, we started working on our finalized work for the fundraiser. I took to making the logo and putting together the slide show, while Sarah worked on the posters and the MC script. It was nice to be doing some physical work and having a real action plan for something we put together.

We finished up and were invited to go out for dinner with Eston, who is one of the English teachers. He had been wanting to take us out for a while and finally got an opportunity to invite us all out. We all met up downtown at the square and made our way over. It took us about 45 minutes to make our way down a busy highway, in the dark, with oncoming bicycles with no lights or reflectors. It was one of those moments in my life where I really thought that my gaming as a kid came in pretty handy; it was kind of like playing Frogger but in real life.

The place that we went to was called Roger Hotel and Eston was very fond of it because he used to live in the area and frequented it regularly. It wasn’t anything special, it was a lot like many of the other little bar/restaurants that we’ve been to so far but it was nice to be somewhere new.

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Gotta Get These Wheels Moving

Working out has kind of taken the back burner so Sarah and I decided that since we expect to be in bikinis all weekend it might be a good idea to work out all this week. We started a new regiment where we run on the treadmills for a pre-determined amount of time and then do workouts that she had gotten from her ultimate Frisbee team. My legs and arms are already killing me, but it’s worth it to tone up for this weekend! Afterwards, we decided to work on our reports that are due not too long after we get back. It was really hard to stay focused but it was easier to finish since we had our leftover cookies and sweet buns! I can’t wait to have all of these reports finalized and handed in.

In the afternoon we decided to get the material that we bought for scarves hemmed so that they won’t fray any more than they already have, it costs a whopping 2,000 SCH to get a meter of material in total hemmed (about .75 cents). While she was doing that for us we took some time to just walk around one of the markets. After checking in with the seamstress and realizing that she was still going to be a while we decided to go to lunch at the free point restaurant. We ended up getting a large vegetarian pizza which includes pineapple slices and some mishkaki to share. It was such a great lunch because for the first time in weeks I didn’t have a lunch that included chips! We all felt really good for finally having more of a light lunch instead of a big heavy meal.

We picked up our finished scarves after lunch and then headed back to the hotel. It isn’t uncommon for strangers to randomly come up to us asking for anything from our personal information to our life stories. We tend to keep these encounters casual without giving away any real information; it gets a bit annoying since for me culturally I find it odd, but most of them actually just want to chat and be friends. Sarah encountered someone named Jackson outside of the hotel and talked to him for a bit. He ended up asking her if we all wanted to go to his uncle’s hotel called Desert Palm for food and drinks. She politely declined and came back to the hotel to tell us about her encounter. We just kind of laughed it off as another random encounter and left it at that.

It was a really hot and sunny day and we had the rest of the afternoon off, so we decided to go sun tanning. The pool is in a bit of an awkward part of the hotel because it faces all of the conference halls; we made sure nothing was going on, stripped down and lounged. About 5 minutes after getting comfortable about a hundred people came out of one of the halls and walked right by us. It was really uncomfortable since showing skin is pretty riské in general and people decided to take their tea time outside all around us. I think we all had a really big laughing fit and tried not to open our eyes; because every time we did there were people looking back.

It was nice to go in once the sun started to set, to get away from all the prying eyes. We took some time to get ready and headed down to the Chinese restaurant to eat. We were supposed to meet up with Lucas but he never showed and his phone was turned off. As soon as we sat down and ordered, we got a call from Lucas saying that he was at reception and ready to go; and he apologized for being over an hour late. We apologetically told him that we got hungry and had already ordered so we invited him to sit down with us; luckily he brought his friend with him who was offering us a place to host our fundraiser. We pitched our idea for the fundraiser and explained to him our intentions of raising money for a local orphanage. We convinced him that if he gave us the venue space for free that we would promote his hotel over the radio and acknowledge the hotel at the event for its support. He was very understanding and accepted our proposal with no opposition or hesitation. The hotel that he works for is called Desert Palm in Area D and Sarah and I both kind of stopped in our tracks. She asked him if he knew who Jackson was and it took him a minute but he told us that he was the owner’s nephew! Dodoma is definitely a small town!

After our lovely meal celebrating our success we started talking to a guy next to us who was from India. He told us that he is helping to produce and promote a new Tanzanian reality show called “Bongo Stars”. It’s supposed to be just like a regular musical competition show with auditions, rehearsals and shows. We really wanted to attend one of the auditions but they don’t start until the 14th of June. We let him know that we were traveling to Zanzibar at the end of our trip and he told us that there were riots the weekend before over the constitutional installment. I haven’t been keeping up with the news so I had no idea about them; but he did mention that they had calmed down so that by the time we go it should be fine. Fingers crossed!

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The most amazing thing about today was the total freedom to create our own schedule, on our own time. We woke up and went to the gym, freshened up, and got to finally explore Dodoma. There wasn’t necessarily a game plan but we ended up walking from the hotel all the way to VETA, which is about a 20-30 minute walk through the city. I was really surprised that there were no vendors harassing us around the market, there were no solicitors on the way; only a random group of a couple guys just looking to chat approached us. I’m used to going to tourist areas where you can’t move without someone asking you to buy useless products. It was also a very interesting walk because we had to overcome a few feats; such as, the roundabout, the walking path and our direction in general. We braved the roundabout but it was definitely a process. Cars are coming from the wrong side so its hard to remember where to look for oncoming traffic. We ended up standing behind a local citizen and waited until he darted across the circle. After getting our bearings, we made our way down a nice dirt path that was shaded and basically reminded me of dirt paths back home. What we didn’t realize was that the path was slowly veering towards the road until there was no path. Cars and traffic are scary enough in a car; it’s a whole other story to be a pedestrian! Cars are literally flying by; there are motorcycles and bikes trying to pass, and other pedestrians who won’t move over – luckily the path started up again after a few feet.

We finally found VETA after being uncertain of its precise whereabouts because it’s surrounded by the business college and other schools. We had lunch at the restaurant and met up with Heather to chat and catch up. We then got to visit her in her computer lab and had a few minutes to use computers with faster internet (used it to upload the pictures in the last few posts!). Later on, we got a ride back to the hotel with Heather and the VETA driver.

When we got back we decided to explore Dodoma a little more. We walked through Centre Town and through their Shopping Centre (just a bunch of little shacks selling clothes or practical things). This area of town is so different from where I normally spend my time. All you can smell is burning garbage, hear car horns blaring and people blatantly calling us “whitey!” as we walk across the city centre. The weird thing about this whole experience is the awe that seems to come over the locals when they see us. It’s almost like feeling on display at a zoo; it isn’t a bad thing or insulting to me because I understand that Caucasians aren’t an everyday sighting, but it just catches me by surprise every time.

Once we got back to the hotel, we took some leisurely time to ourselves, and then we went and played crazy 8 until we got hungry.  I got an Indian meal called Turungy which is three different types of vegetables in sauces. There was so much!! I did a pretty good job on finishing it, but wouldn’t have made as much of a dent if I didn’t let the girls help me out with it. I think the different types of vegetables were mushroom and spinach, corn and a typical masala.

Tomorrow night, we should be attending a small party for us and staff recognition at VETA, which is being put on by the principle. I’m looking forward to seeing what the night life is like and how people dance and sing and conduct themselves at something like this. Definitely looking forward to it!

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Got more exercise today on the treadmill, would have loved to have jumped in the blue lagoon pool that we have at the hotel, but I haven’t seen one person in it which I’m taking as a red flag to stay out. Afterwards we got some time to catch up on our e-mails and sun tanned until about 11:30am when we got picked up. Also, just before we got picked up we got introduced to a man from Monaco who has been traveling from Nairobi to Morogoro and across Africa from there. When we first walked out of the hotel lobby, we saw a large crowd of people around an orange car taking pictures and looking excited. We were beckoned to come closer to take a look at the car by the bystanders and so we checked out the car and got to talking to the person involved.  The car that he was driving was one of the very few electric cars in Africa and it was a big event to see it. The people traveling have also done amazing trips such as driving from Shanghai to Paris!! It must have been the most amazing road trip ever! Overall, it was great seeing the excitement and energy that the community was bringing in to welcome this new technology.

We went to St. Gasper today to help organize the staff members that they recruited from VETA. We put all of the names into Excel and made tables to categories which staff members were being placed & when they were expected to start. We had some time to ourselves to relax in the Gardens at the hotel and I got to read more of my book (which is getting more intricate, imaginative and interesting just FYI). We got a bit of a grammar lesson in Swahili; we learned that “poa” means “cool” and “safi” is the formal version of poa. Afterwards, we headed back to the New Dodoma Hotel for dinner (in love with their mix veggie curry & naan!) and some drinks to unwind.

We got to go out to the local bar again after that with Lucas and a Chef from Dar es Salaam who promised to make me some Tiramisu (my all-time favorite dessert!) sometime next week. It was a lot of fun too because I introduced them both to some of my favorite songs. I’m a big country music and Club music fan which they seemed to love – especially Taio Cruz and Shania Twain (lol).

We’re supposed to make our way over to St. Gasper tomorrow for the big conference that’s happening, but there won’t be much on site work to do. Hopefully we will have all of the morning to ourselves, the afternoon to explore the Dodoma Market and then head over to the hotel to observe how things have come together. I’m really looking forward to having a laid back day on Canadian terms! – Workout, Suntan, Shower, Breakfast, Exploring, Observing, Dinner & Celebratory Drinks!

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We drove 8 hours from Dar to Dodoma, there wasn’t as much wildlife as I thought there would be. Only a few birds and a couple stray dogs. The scenery along the way was mostly of slums, individuals walking the highway, fruit stands and mountains. We made a couple of pit stops at the fruit stands, where we were swarmed with children and teenagers asking us to buy their produce. Our guides for the day were buying lots of fruit for their families and the locals never seemed content no matter how much they bought. We got to take a few pictures with the children; they were very reluctant at first but then it kind of turned into a funny game to get into the pictures.

The New Dodoma Hotel looks identical to the picture I posted a few weeks ago. It’s absolutely gorgeous, fully loaded with charm, culture and a few small hiccups. I woke up at about 5am this morning to what sounded like a man shouting through a horn about something, but his voice kept projecting then disappearing and then coming back again, afterwards music picked up until about 6:30am – didn’t get a great sleep but hoping that tonight will be a bit quieter.

I had a really long day today, woke up around 7:30am and didn’t get home until 7:30pm. Sarah and I spent the morning with Heather and the VETA teachers. We were introduced to the students and we introduced ourselves; every time we exited a room we could hear them giggling away. The teachers informed us that they were laughing because of our accents and pronunciation of our names. They find my name hard to understand and just call me Kathryn, & they love saying Sarah’s name out loud because they are familiar with it, on some level.

We spent the rest of the day at St. Gasper Hotel, and were shown the huge grounds, the new pool and their logo, the 400 year old Baobod tree. It was a long day of trying to figure out what we could help with because they are already such an established organization. We came up with some programming for the pool opening such as Marco Polo and Limbo – all extremely hilarious & entertaining concepts to Lucas, the HR manager (Sarah and I acted them out to give him a better comprehension).

St. Gasper is also extremely gorgeous; it has a laid out garden that is divided up into sections of palm trees, colourful bushes and exotic flowers. They have 5 large meeting and conference rooms that sit up to as many as 500 guests. It was interesting to see how they operate as leaders and also as individual team members between all the event management elements; such as, food and beverage, food preparation, human resources, housekeeping and so on. We’ll be helping them for the this week with a large government conference of approximately 700 people. Hopefully I’ll get to help out logistically and maybe by being a runner, but as I said they are pretty self-sufficient as it is.

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An event is an event is an event!

Had a meeting on Monday about the full academic expectations of us while we are overseas, sounds very interesting!

Before we leave, there are a few things that we need to make and create so that we can be prepared for our events, assignments and teaching roles. Our priority will probably be to create a business plan for the events that we will help put on. We are expected to get sponsorship from the local businesses in the city; which we will look further into once we touch base with our event coordinator contact to see what events are already in place in Dodoma.

Some event opportunities that have been brought to our attention are to create a weddings trade show, which is a large and booming industry because of the amount of celebratory events that coincide with the actual wedding ceremony. I’m really excited about this event because it is something that is cheerful, that brings the community together and helps local vendors make business connections. I think this trade show will be a lot of fun too because I’ll get to see and learn their wedding customs and fashion ideas!

The other event that we are going to potentially help with will be to put on a formal dinner and silent auction to help raise funds for a local mental institution, the project is called “Show Love”. This event has already been put in motion but our role would be to help better the auction by getting more sponsors and to help with the logistical aspects of the event. I am looking forward to helping with this event because I feel that I am helping with a specific local poverty issue in a way that I can make a difference in my own way – by putting on great events!! Image

We have a few venue choices for these events, but one of the better ones will be the New Dodoma Hotel (where we will be staying!) – Posted above.

The next big agenda item for us will be to meet via Skype with Anthony, our event coordinator contact in Dodoma! I can’t wait to finalize our event projects and see if there are any other events that we could help with!

Ps. Flights are officially booked… & I’m getting my immunizations tomorrow!Image

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