Got more exercise today on the treadmill, would have loved to have jumped in the blue lagoon pool that we have at the hotel, but I haven’t seen one person in it which I’m taking as a red flag to stay out. Afterwards we got some time to catch up on our e-mails and sun tanned until about 11:30am when we got picked up. Also, just before we got picked up we got introduced to a man from Monaco who has been traveling from Nairobi to Morogoro and across Africa from there. When we first walked out of the hotel lobby, we saw a large crowd of people around an orange car taking pictures and looking excited. We were beckoned to come closer to take a look at the car by the bystanders and so we checked out the car and got to talking to the person involved.  The car that he was driving was one of the very few electric cars in Africa and it was a big event to see it. The people traveling have also done amazing trips such as driving from Shanghai to Paris!! It must have been the most amazing road trip ever! Overall, it was great seeing the excitement and energy that the community was bringing in to welcome this new technology.

We went to St. Gasper today to help organize the staff members that they recruited from VETA. We put all of the names into Excel and made tables to categories which staff members were being placed & when they were expected to start. We had some time to ourselves to relax in the Gardens at the hotel and I got to read more of my book (which is getting more intricate, imaginative and interesting just FYI). We got a bit of a grammar lesson in Swahili; we learned that “poa” means “cool” and “safi” is the formal version of poa. Afterwards, we headed back to the New Dodoma Hotel for dinner (in love with their mix veggie curry & naan!) and some drinks to unwind.

We got to go out to the local bar again after that with Lucas and a Chef from Dar es Salaam who promised to make me some Tiramisu (my all-time favorite dessert!) sometime next week. It was a lot of fun too because I introduced them both to some of my favorite songs. I’m a big country music and Club music fan which they seemed to love – especially Taio Cruz and Shania Twain (lol).

We’re supposed to make our way over to St. Gasper tomorrow for the big conference that’s happening, but there won’t be much on site work to do. Hopefully we will have all of the morning to ourselves, the afternoon to explore the Dodoma Market and then head over to the hotel to observe how things have come together. I’m really looking forward to having a laid back day on Canadian terms! – Workout, Suntan, Shower, Breakfast, Exploring, Observing, Dinner & Celebratory Drinks!

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