An event is an event is an event!

Had a meeting on Monday about the full academic expectations of us while we are overseas, sounds very interesting!

Before we leave, there are a few things that we need to make and create so that we can be prepared for our events, assignments and teaching roles. Our priority will probably be to create a business plan for the events that we will help put on. We are expected to get sponsorship from the local businesses in the city; which we will look further into once we touch base with our event coordinator contact to see what events are already in place in Dodoma.

Some event opportunities that have been brought to our attention are to create a weddings trade show, which is a large and booming industry because of the amount of celebratory events that coincide with the actual wedding ceremony. I’m really excited about this event because it is something that is cheerful, that brings the community together and helps local vendors make business connections. I think this trade show will be a lot of fun too because I’ll get to see and learn their wedding customs and fashion ideas!

The other event that we are going to potentially help with will be to put on a formal dinner and silent auction to help raise funds for a local mental institution, the project is called “Show Love”. This event has already been put in motion but our role would be to help better the auction by getting more sponsors and to help with the logistical aspects of the event. I am looking forward to helping with this event because I feel that I am helping with a specific local poverty issue in a way that I can make a difference in my own way – by putting on great events!! Image

We have a few venue choices for these events, but one of the better ones will be the New Dodoma Hotel (where we will be staying!) – Posted above.

The next big agenda item for us will be to meet via Skype with Anthony, our event coordinator contact in Dodoma! I can’t wait to finalize our event projects and see if there are any other events that we could help with!

Ps. Flights are officially booked… & I’m getting my immunizations tomorrow!Image

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